Julio Jones’ market set by Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas


ESPN insider, Adam Schefter reported today that wide receiver,  Demaryius Thomas would be re-signing with the Denver Broncos for five years, 70 million dollars that includes 43.5 million guaranteed.

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Dez Bryant

of the Dallas Cowboys also made headlines on Wednesday as he too agreed in principle to a

5-year, 70 million dollar contract

as well. This deal was huge for the Cowboys as Bryant reported the he would hold out of training camp if no deal was done before hand.

With these deals in place, Detroit Lions’ wide receiver, Calvin Johnson is still the highest paid receiver and now leaves Julio Jones as the only elite wide receiver left to sign a big deal either this summer or the next.

Both Thomas and Bryant had could have topped Johnson’s contract due to great NFL season after great NFL season, but with these deals in place, this puts the Atlanta Falcons in the drivers seat. It is safe to say that nobody will be getting 16 million dollars a year like Johnson did, not even Bryant and not even Thomas.

Jones on the other hand still has an entire year left on his contract and the odds of him re-signing before the 2015 season is unlikely, it still could happen by then.

We have all been asking ourselves, “what is Jones worth?” Well, now we know. He is also worth in the same ballpark as Thomas and Bryant and should receive around a 5-year, 70 million dollar contract with at least 40 million dollars guaranteed. And good news for the Falcons are, the market has been set for Jones, and they can afford to pay him that much with ease.

When Johnson signed a seven-year, 113 million dollar contract, this had appeared to put other teams in a bad spot as far as setting the market for their own receivers. But luckily, this hasn’t been the case and appears that everyone will be re-signing with there respective teams with fair contracts and a lot of money.