Atlanta Falcons: Is Vic Beasley at risk of being a draft bust?


After the draft, the enthusiasm for Vic Beasley was thicker than Molasses. He appeared to be the missing piece the Atlanta Falcons had been searching for. And as the OTA’s crept along, he was appearing even more of a steal at the position. But then, training camp has arrived and the excitement is beginning to dwindle rapidly.

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When Arthur Blank was asked about his number one pick a few days ago, the owner grinned as he looked at his prized star. The words that came out of his mouth may have slammed on the brakes of the hype train that had been chugging along since OTA’s.

Blank sent words that should send chills up everyone’s spine in the Falcons region. He pointed to Beasley’s efforts on special teams and how they seemed to be unmatched on the field.

Now, at first, you applaud the effort from the Clemson prospect, but taking a second look, there must be speculation in how this multi-million dollar godsend has suddenly reverted into being grouped along with undrafted guys trying to merely make the roster.

When you study the footage on Beasley, you will see the athleticism that he has, but his block shedding is the area where he seemed to struggle. Call it his limited size or strength, if he will ever take a step into stardom, Dan Quinn and company must teach him to do so with more power and to know how to get around the tight ends of the NFL.

There is urgency for Beasley to prove his lofty stature as a top 10 pick, but until he begins to take full action with the first team defense solely, it appears as merely a penny dropped in a wishing well.

As the coin hits the water, the Falcons faithful hope that Beasley will transform overnight into a defensive superstar. But as they sit there staring into the proverbial well, only time will tell if this highly paid special teams player will change into the linebacker that is needed for a porous defense desperate for answers.

It hasn’t been proven yet that Beasley will play on the special teams, but the fact that he is taking part in their activities is a cause for concern.

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The Falcons must be willing to protect their investment, and flaunting him out there for special team duties is not the greatest way to do so, and most would agree with that sentiment.

So it is question as to whether or not he’ll ever be ready to take the helm of an elite defender?

Beasley has the door opened before him, begging for him to burst through and show his worth as a top 10 pick.

If he fails to do so, Beasley could very well be the highest paid special teams player in the NFL.

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