Atlanta Falcons: Can Jon Asamoah start for the Falcons?


The Atlanta Falcons’ starting offensive line unit performed well in the opening preseason game against the Tennessee Titans. One of the biggest surprises when the Falcons released their depth chart was that Jon Asamoah was listed with the second string offensive line.

Asamoah signed a five year 22.5 million dollar contract with the Falcons during free agency last year. That would be a very lucrative contract for a backup player at any position.

One thing is certain; he isn’t going to go quietly. Asamoah had a very solid performance during the 28 snaps he received on Friday night. Pro Football Focus had him graded out as the Falcons’ second highest offensive lineman with a plus-1.2 rating.

It has been said that he may not fit the zone blocking scheme, however Asamoah’s performance this past week may refute that idea. He moved well and was able to stay engaged with the defender, something the offensive lineman must do to be successful in the zone blocking scheme.

I predict that he may get an opportunity to get some snaps with the starters in practice and in the games over the next few weeks. The next three teams the Falcons will face will have strong defensive lineman. It will be interesting to see how the line shapes up and if Asamoah will earn a spot as a starter.

Your thoughts?

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