Atlanta Falcons: Five greatest running backs of all-time

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

5. Michael Vick

I know what you’re thinking. He was a quarterback, so how is he grouped with this group? It is quite simple. When you watched Michael Vick played, he took over all of the field, and did so in impressive fashion. In six years, he amassed 3,859 rushing yards, sixth highest in Falcons history. He averaged 7.9 yards per carry; that alone that lands him on this list.

While Vick was in Atlanta, it was probably one of the most impressive shows on turf. He cut, slashed, dove, and outran everyone on the field. The franchise had found a new face that was leading incredible marks across the league, and made the Falcons an even more feared offense.

Vick was the answer the Falcons had been looking for, and he lived up to his first round selection with flying colors. Ask any team who faced him during his prime, and they will tell you he was one of the most feared players because, at any moment, he could light up defenses.

Sure, the off-the-field baggage will forever cloud his career, but his performances on it deserve to be praised. His efforts took Atlanta to new heights, and because of that, he cannot be forgotten for his quarterback play… nor his running back play.

I promise you that this should be the only surprise on the list.

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