Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones Top 5 Performances – #2


Today, we continue our “Falcons 50” countdown with our mini-series written by staff writer Eric Robinson. Yesterday, Eric gave us No. 3. Today, we move onto Julio Jones’ second best game.

You can find the full list of “Falcons 50” posts here.

January 20, 2013 vs. San Francisco 49ers – 11 catches, 182 yards, 2 TDs

NFC Championship Game. Huge setting for a young receiver with the Super Bowl on the line.

Not for Julio Jones.

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Even though it was only his second playoffs and first NFC Championship game, Jones showed up in a major way.

Although the Atlanta Falcons were defeated by the 49ers, Jones took the field and showed the world why he is the real deal. Jones put the Falcons on the board early with a 46 yard touchdown reception.

However, his second touchdown might have been better.

Jones caught his second touchdown of the game over CB Tarell Brown, as he got his left foot down and dotted the I with the right foot for the 20 yard score. The touchdown came in the 2nd quarter and put the Falcons up 17-0.

The performance of Jones was not enough to put the Falcons in the Super Bowl but this performance opened the eyes of many skeptics.

A second year receiver is usually still getting his feet wet somewhat but Jones picked a huge stage to give the world a show.

The performance not only impressed naysayers everywhere but also grabbed the attention of the 49ers and their defense. Keep in mind that at this point, Roddy White was still considered the #1 guy for Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

However, Jones planted his feet firmly and stated “I’m here”.

This game followed what was a stellar season for Jones in his sophomore year. A season which saw Jones post totals of 79 catches, 1,198 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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