Atlanta Falcons 50: Julio Jones Top 5 Performances – #1


Today, we continue our Falcons 50 countdown with our mini-series written by staff writer Eric Robinson. Yesterday, Eric gave us No. 2. Today, we move onto Julio Jones’ best game for the Atlanta Falcons.

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December 8, 2014 @ Green Bay Packers – 11 catches, 259 yards, 1 TD

A man possessed? A man on a mission? A man putting a team on his back?

Any of those statements can accurately describe Jones’s performance at the frozen tundra against the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football.

A performance that caps off this list of his greatest performances in his career. The Atlanta Falcons took the field as a 5-7 team coming off a win against Patrick Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals. The odds were greatly against the Falcons as they faced arguably the best QB in the game, Aaron Rodgers.

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However, that night, another big name made a impactful imprint on the game.

Julio Jones uplifted the Falcons during a comeback in the second half that saw the Falcons score 30 points, however come up short in the loss.

Jones reeled in 11 of 17 attempts thrown his way, one of which Jones took for 79 yards as he sliced through the Packers’ defense down to the three yard line to set up an Eric Weems touchdown.

The fourth quarter saw Jones haul in a 22-yard touchdown to cut even more into the Packers once large lead.

With the team on brink of an historic comeback, Jones got injured late in the fourth and might have hindered the Falcons from not only winning the game but making the playoffs as well as Jones missed the next game with an hip injury that saw the Falcons receive another loss.

Regardless, this performance was nothing less than spectacular for Jones.

Not only was it on Monday night in front of a national televised audience, but it was a game that saw Julio pretty much take the Falcons on his back and place them on the cusp of a potential huge late season win.

As stated before, the odds of the Atlanta Falcons winning prior to the game were very slim, but the presence of a superstar like Julio Jones almost created Monday night magic.

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