What Tom Brady nullified suspension, Deflategate taught us


Jan 30, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a press conference for Super Bowl XLIX at the Phoenix Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

All offseason the sports universe has centered around the ‘Deflategate’ scandal, and it has been one of the biggest fiascoes of all time. In all of this, everything will be altered when it comes to the pregame procedures. Apart from these heavily scrutinized changes, the league has epitomized one of the greatest fears for the country.

In our world, money, fame and fortune have long cast an overwhelming shadow on equality in social classes and other delineations between people. And though the finger has now been pointed back towards NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for mishandling the Tom Brady suspension, the fact remains that, “Tom Terrific” still had significant knowledge and action with the entire scandal. But, why did a contributor or associate to the foul get off without any consequences?

The nature of the society of the NFL has now overtaken our society as Judge Berman ruled in favor of Brady, thus ending his penalty or punishment. Yes, the judicial system may have found cause to do so, but the fact remains that Brady still had his hands on the problem from the Super Bowl, and, thus, is guilty.

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If these actions were to happen in a playoff match between the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars, I wonder what would have been the penalties for Alex Smith or Blake Bortles whose names do not carry the same legendary status as Brady. Without question, fans and the commissioner’s office would asking for the heads of these two if they were to be involved, and would have probably tried to banish them from the league altogether if found half as guilty as what Brady was and it has brought to light the divisions of our world.

Maybe the problem is not Brady in all of this. Maybe the truer culprit is the lack of accountability that has been enforced that flows down from the commissioner’s office downward to the bench players and equipment managers of the worst teams in the NFL.

When Judge Berman ruled against Goodell and the league, it should have sent wake-up calls to the world that the lack of accountability in this league is no longer acceptable, but everyone knows that nothing is going to change in the premier sport of North America. But, unfortunately, if nothing is done, it could very well become like the Roman Empire who lived in all its grandeur until it collapsed.

Now, there should not be a witch hunt for Goodell, Brady and all other accomplices to the ‘Deflategate’ but the lack of accountability must be altered for the longevity of this sport before we watch another great empire fall and crumble to the ground because of the inability to fix the small issues within.

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