Atlanta Falcons: The numbers backs up the 4-0 start


The Atlanta Falcons are undefeated, and most of us would have never seen that coming for a team that struggled mightily last year.

But there is much to love about what we are seeing on the field from the offense that may very well is the best in the NFL, and behind this balanced attack, the Falcons are flying higher than ever before as they continue to make victims out of the defenses that lay in their way. As the saying goes, numbers never lie.

For the past few years, the Falcons had a tremendous void with their running game, as Steven Jackson and others failed to find the holes that would spring them forward. But a new time has begun, and the Falcons are amassing the ninth most rushing yards in the NFC per game, third in attempts, and leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns.

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Atlanta is continuing to pad the offensive stat columns with their passing game too. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and the emergence of Leonard Hankerson have taken the Birds passing game to reflect its running game in relation to where they are ranked.

They are holding second place in yards per game, fifth in touchdowns, and second in average yards per catch, making these Falcons deadly on all fronts when it comes to the offense and a nightmare for every defense they play.

More importantly, the Falcons are also controlling the game with their hands wrapped tightly around the time clock. Through Week 4, the Falcons were also ranked second in the time of possession in the NFL, and are relentlessly pouring it on offensively.

No matter how you look at this team, there are incredible leaps that this team has made this offseason. And being one of the greatest in the NFL, the Falcons are poised to rise to new levels as they continue to bring the most balanced and deadliest offensive gameplan to their opponents. If they continue to remain somewhat closely to these rankings, it leaves little doubt in the forecast for Atlanta’s success in the forthcoming weeks.

The numbers never lie adage is proven when you look at the stat columns at the end of every game, and with the Falcons, it is no different as they have become the greatest show on turf this year in the NFL.

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