Roddy White’s comments: Falcons WR can learn from other’s mistakes


Roddy White has been the most consistent and beloved Atlanta Falcon since Deion Sanders. He holds all the franchise’s major receiving records and has been a durable player for most of his career. Unfortunately, there is one trait every human share with each day that passes – we all get older.

The NFL has been noted as the “not for long league” because the average player normally plays for three years before they are ushered out and replaced by younger, faster, stronger and cheaper players. You could compare it to your car garages, because people average buying a new car every four years.

White has lasted a lot longer than the average and has performed at a high level. He has been to 4 Pro Bowls after all. But Roddy speaks his mind, and this is not always the best thing to do in the media. In this instance I think he should take a page from Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) and Terrell Owens. Both of those players were nearing the end of their careers, however they cause more problems than their talent could overcome.

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There was no doubt they both could still play the game but teams were not willing to put up with the distractions. Coach Dan Quinn handled the topic very well but let’s be honest, Roddy’s comments were still a distraction. The Falcons are not at liberty to have distractions right now, they are an improving team that is 4-0, and these comments are not beneficial.

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Most teams will take chances with a 24-year-old that has elite talent who occasionally says or does the wrong thing hoping his behavior will change with maturity. But they will not deal with a 33-year-old player causing distractions in the locker room. Sure there is no problem with the competitor in White; of course all Falcons fans want him to catch more balls.

The more options the Falcons have on the field the more difficult they are to defend. Late yesterday he clarified his statements by saying “I’m not disgruntled” while speaking with the Atlanta Journal Constitution writer D. Orlando Ledbetter.

Roddy is going to get his chances this season; he just needs to be patient. It would be a shame for one of the greatest Falcons to not end his career here in Atlanta because of his mouth, and he needs to let his play do the talking.

What are your thoughts on Roddy’s recent comments?