Should the Atlanta Falcons move on from Matt Ryan?


With the Atlanta Falcons’ recent struggles, should the team be looking beyond Matt Ryan in the long-term plans?

Disappointment is becoming an all too familiar theme for the Atlanta Falcons this year, and it appears the season is hanging together by its final thread. And though it seems imminent, it is time to start preparing for what should be a busy offseason.

After the Falcons starting off as blazing hot as these Falcons did, it was easy to think they had finally turned the corner with their young team, finally headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, as every week greets them with more disappointment, it’s obvious some serious and hard decisions must be made, and they must be made sooner rather than later.

It is time to start preparing for the post-Matt Ryan era. And though many will call that blasphemy, his mediocrity has become a glaring weakness every defense is exploiting week in and week out. And it is time for this franchise to begin plan B in their preparation for the quarterback of the future. It is a hard pill to swallow, but his inefficiencies are leaving this squad behind the eight ball every week.

People will be quick to point out that there may be bigger holes on the offensive line and the second options at receiver. But if you’ve watched the past three or four games, Ryan is getting ample time to make his decisions, but he has returned to the bad mechanics that haunted him during his Boston College days. Yes, he has had some untimely drops by certain receivers, but every team deals with the same from their receivers.

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Matt Ryan’s days may not be numbered in Atlanta, and don’t expect the fire sale that the Braves are doing.

But it is clear, judging on this season, that Thomas Dimitroff and company need to begin removing Matt Ryan from their long-term pictures if they expect to see this franchise flourish, because Ryan’s career has plateaued.

And unfortunately, it is hard to envision anything more than what we’ve been seeing.

Matt Ryan has been pivotal for this franchise’s development over the last eight years, but the Falcons front office needs to be searching for the next quarterback as the shimmer of Ryan is beginning to fade quickly.