The Atlanta Falcons will lose bad to the Jacksonville Jaguars


Whenever you see the team name Jacksonville Jaguars you automatically attribute them with being a bad team but that isn’t the case in 2015.

The Jaguars are just one game out of first place with a record of 5-8 and are coming off a franchise-best 51-point barrage against the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend to put themselves into position to win the division with three games remaining.

The Atlanta Falcons on the other hand are coming off of a shutout against the Carolina Panthers and are currently on a 6-game losing streak with no end in sight. This is setting up to be a perfect storm when the Falcons face off with the Jaguars at EverBank this Sunday.

The Jaguars have lost a ton of close games in 2015 much like the Falcons have. Five of Jacksonville’s losses have occurred by one touchdown or less, but they have also scraped out close wins as well. The Jaguars’ biggest differential came in week 11 in which they beat the Tennessee Titans by six points but that all changed last week.

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The Jaguars dropped 51 points on the Indianapolis Colts and are playing their best football at just the right time. Jacksonville’s last three losses have been by a combined 14 points which includes a 42-39 loss to the Titans.

If the Falcons continue to play the way they have as of late they won’t stand a chance against the Jaguars on Sunday. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are two scary wide receivers and have each played an intricate part of the Jaguars’ success in 2015. If Atlanta wants to have a fighting chance, they must take those two men out of the game as much as possible.

A lot of people disagree on whether or not a team should lose games on purpose at the end of a season in order to set up a better draft pick and here the Falcons are again to do just that. I was fully behind the Falcons tanking at the end of last year while many were not but in the end it paid off. This year is no different.

There is a very good possibility that the Falcons will finish with a 6-10 record and if that is the case, it would be one of the most epic collapses in NFL history. The Falcons would go from a 5-0 start and play out the rest of their games 1-10.