Atlanta Falcons: Top 20 games in franchise history

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4) Falcons 30, Vikings 24: December 1, 2002

The run heard round the world

There was nothing more exciting back in the early 2000’s than to watch Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick run around a football field and everyone got a huge treat on this particular Sunday. Vick ran for a career-high and NFL record 173 yards but the last 46 was as good as it gets.

The Falcons took their first lead of the game at the 3:33 mark in the fourth quarter on a Jay Feely 44-yard field goal to give Atlanta a 24-21 edge. After a game-tying field goal by the Vikings late in the game the Falcons went into overtime with the Vikings tied at 24-24.

With the ball in the Falcons’ possession, Vick dropped back, rolled to his left, found a crease and took it to the house for a 46-yard walk-off touchdown to win the game for the Falcons. The run by Vick very well could be the bets of his career.

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