Atlanta Falcons: Top 20 games in franchise history

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18)  Falcons 14, Eagles 10: September 12, 2005

Oct 4, 2015; Landover, MD, USA; A Philadelphia Eagles player

Sweet taste of redemption

Coming off the heels of disappointment, the Falcons had a chance to remind the Eagles that they were a much better team than the one Philadelphia had thrown to the side in the NFC Championship game the year before. And for the Falcons, this was the opportunity to get the revenge that occupied their thoughts since the loss to Philly as the Eagles prevented them from making the leap to the Super Bowl with the loss.

This game was violent. If the game had the same concussion protocol as today’s game, then the water boys and equipment managers may had been called to finish the game as this was headhunting on both sides.

Michael Vick, Warrick Dunn and T. J. Duckett had to carry the entire team on their backs with the Eagles unrelenting pass defense made it next to impossible to move the ball vertically; therefore, the ballgame was in their hands as the stifling Atlanta defense continued to choke the less than explosive Eagles’ offense.

Yard by yard these three carved out short to medium gains, exhausting the defense. Albeit they failed to have those huge gains of 20 yards plus, the offense was able to maintain a strangle-hold on the game clock and leave it up to the defense to continue to stop the Donovan McNabb led Eagles who struggled to get positive gains.

The slow but schematic approach to this game was perfect as Atlanta was able to inch out a very hard-fought game against the Eagles. It wasn’t as meaningful as advancing to the Super Bowl, but it was a nice consolation prize as the sweet taste of redemption filled their mouths after this game.

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