NFL: Planning For A Development League

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ponders Blogging Dirty's BYE week proposal.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ponders Blogging Dirty’s BYE week proposal. /

How would the teams be assembled?:

Each division within both the AFC and NFC will receive a team consisting of players designated from each team in every division. For example, the NFC South will receive one team consisting of 44 players, regardless of position, from each team within the division.

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The teams could range from last chance veterans to unestablished rookies. This may essentially take away the need for a pre-season and be precaution for injuries to star players.

The team is not owned by any team in the divisions but owned by the league as a whole. This will eliminate any problems with teams having full control over the team. Though no NFL team will have full control of an development team but they will have to come to an agreement on how the coaching staff would be constructed.