Atlanta Falcons: Will they re-sign Paul Worrilow?


NFL Free agency is getting ever so close and one player that has been a 3-year starter on the Atlanta Falcons’ defense could be on his way out.

Middle linebacker Paul Worrilow won the starting job as an underrated rookie three seasons ago and has been a tackling machine, but don’t let that fool you. His overall play has been sub-par and just lacks star quality. His rookie contract is up and is set to make his first real paycheck in the NFL, but that might not be coming from the team that signed him out of college.

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At the end of the season many of you would have guessed that Worrilow would be out the door as soon as humanly possible, but with the recent release of outside linebacker Justin Durant and the lack of production out of Brooks Reed in 2015, will the Falcons actually consider keeping him around?

The Falcons are already going to have to replace Durant and William Moore and would have another daunting hole to fill if the team does not re-sign Worrilow once free agency begins.

Some question whether or not the Flacons would consider moving Reed to the middle linebacker position and fill his spot with either someone already on the roster or sign or draft someone. Either way, the Falcons would have to fill two of the three starting linebacker positions if they let Worrilow walk.

As long as the Falcons have a plan to replace Worrilow, letting him walk would be great. He isn’t good enough to be a starting linebacker in the NFL any more and is starting to become a liability. Comparing Worirlow to some of the linebackers around the league and around the NFC South puts into perspective just how bad he really is.

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Will the Falcons re-sign Worrilow? Or will they let him walk?