Dirty Bird Daily: Falcons have to “finish the fight” with Seattle


The Atlanta Falcons are looking for revenge this Saturday against Seattle. Will they step up in the big moment or wilt like teams that came before them?

The Atlanta Falcons welcome the Seattle Seahawks to the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome on Saturday. The same Seahawks who stole the Week 6 win earlier in the season. Seattle took a 26-24 win backed by the “12th man” and an officiating crew afraid to throw flags at CenturyLink Field.

The city of Atlanta remembers that game and will make sure the “12 man” has no voice inside the dome. The Falcons’ coaches and players certainly remember too. I have no doubt tomorrow’s divisional playoff game will be fueled by their quest for revenge.

Finishing the fight is what Atlanta has to do in order to enact their revenge on Seattle. This has been the mantra of Dan Quinn since he arrived two years ago. No gimmicks, no excuses. Simply line up and out-play the opponent for all four quarters.  The Falcons have been far from perfect this season, but it seems every step backwards results in their taking 10 more forward.

With the moxie they’ve shown this season, I wouldn’t bet against Atlanta.

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Tomorrow’s game has the feeling of an all-time great grudge match. A battle between two birds of prey. One with an offense that knows no limits and the other with a defense that carries Hall of Fame-worthy nickname. Something has will have to eventually give in the battle. The outcome may likely come down to whichever team has the final possession.

I’ve spoken ad nauseam about how I feel about this season’s Falcons in comparison to the teams that came before. These Falcons are noticeably hungrier and don’t quit on any game. Another theme of this season is that the Falcons don’t handle losing very well. They put up some dominating performances in response.

It has been a long time since Richard Sherman got away with holding onto Julio Jones. That was 13 weeks ago, a long time for the Falcons to sit and stew over the play. If all goes as planned, Atlanta isn’t leaving the game in the hands of the referees.

We like to talk about how the Atlanta Falcons’ last playoff win was against the Seahawks. Lost in the narrative is that Atlanta blew a 27-7 lead in the 4th quarter and only won by a two-point margin. If not for Matt Bryant’s “golden leg of immunity”, Matt Ryan would still be searching for his first playoff win. Had there been such thing as a 5th quarter, things wouldn’t have gone Atlanta’s way either.

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Like Coach Quinn has preached, finish.