Atlanta Falcons: Do we want the Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers next?


Full disclosure, I’d rather see the Atlanta Falcons play the Dallas Cowboys. The Falcons’ D has improved of late, but Green Bay scares the hell out of me.

Should the Atlanta Falcons want to travel to Dallas or host the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship?

Green Bay ripped off six straight to end the season and then took apart a very good Giants defense in the Wildcard round. I know Atlanta beat the Packers during the regular season, but came from behind to do it. Much has also changed since then. Aaron Rodgers is dialed in, even without Jordy Nelson, and I question the Falcons’ ability to trade punches with that offense. Not to mention, Adrian Clayborn is now out with an injury.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think taking on the Cowboys in Dallas will be easy. That’s arguably the best offensive line in football and the two best rookies in football over there. I know they can control the clock and keep the ball out of our offense’s hands. But I just don’t see them being as explosive on offense as Green Bay and therefore not as big of a threat.

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Additionally, Dallas’s D doesn’t strike me as much of a threat as Green Bay’s is. The Cowboys don’t have pass rushers like Clay Matthews or Julius Peppers or Nick Perry. They’re a decent unit led by a reputable defensive coordinator in Rod Marinelli, but lack star power. Granted, the Packers’ secondary has been decimated by injuries, but a good pass rush can help compensate for that.

I appreciate home field advantage, which is what the Falcons would have if Green Bay wins. I loved seeing how the crowd literally “rose up” against the Seahawks. Yes, having the NFC Championship as the Georgia Dome’s final game would be a great way to close it down.

I just have a bad feeling a game against a ‘red-hot’ Aaron Rodgers and Co. wouldn’t result in a win.