3 reasons why the Falcons will win the NFC South in 2017


Many expect the Falcons to repeat as NFC South Champions in 2017, and here’s three reasons why they will.

#1: The Falcons are the most balanced team in the NFC South

The NFC South is full of very good quarterbacks, with recent MVPs in Cam Newton and Matt Ryan, a future hall of famer in Drew Brees, and an up and coming play-maker in Jameis Winston. These four field generals all contribute to offenses with tremendous potential. However, the Buccaneers are held back by a below average offensive line, the Saints don’t have much defensive support to take pressure off of Brees and company, and the Panthers have had recent struggles with untimely injuries on both sides of the ball, making the offense ineffective and the defense a shell of what they’re capable of.

The Falcons, while far from perfect, have a great and young roster that features an elite offense and a defense that’s trending upwards. On paper, the Falcons simply blow their divisional competition out of the water.

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#2: Other teams lack direction

Unfortunately for Saints fans, their team has been defined by two numbers in recent memory: seven and nine. Every year, it seems like Drew Brees puts together an MVP-caliber season, only for New Orleans to finish with a mediocre record due to a lack of defense. The Saints have tried to make improvements, but results are yet to be seen.

The Panthers are just one season removed from a Super Bowl appearance and an amazing 15-1 record, but their 2016 campaign left many scratching their heads. Was 2015 a fluke, did injuries to stars like Newton and Kuechly hold the team back this past season, or is another factor in the works? To further add to the confusion, the Panthers also recently fired GM Dave Gettleman, which seemed incredibly out of the blue and unorthodox given its timing.

The Buccaneers do seem to be headed in the right direction and focused on building around Jameis Winston. They don’t look to be contenders yet, but they’ve shown some signs of progress and development.

However, head coach Dan Quinn has completely overhauled the lowly Falcons from 2014. He took a team that previously won six games to the Super Bowl in just two seasons. He transformed an aging defense to a young and powerful defense, with players not afraid to lay a ball carrier out. He brought in creative offensive minds and speedy offensive play-makers to help build one of the best offenses in NFL history. In short, the Falcons have an unmatched drive for success, and it’s results have already been seen.

#3: The Falcons know their enemy

Last season, Atlanta went 5-1 against the NFC South, with the lone loss coming against the Buccaneers in the first game of the season. The Falcons know the style of football their divisional opponents play, and they know how to beat it.

The Falcons will face a difficult schedule this coming season, but if they maintain their lock on divisional opponents, they should be in prime position to repeat as division champions.

Only the Panthers have ever won the NFC South in consecutive seasons, but it might just be time for the Falcons to do so.

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