Atlanta Falcons: Bye Week Analysis

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The Atlanta Falcons have a very difficult 2017 schedule, facing a wide range of teams that were successful in 2016. Further, many fans have pointed out that the Falcons’ early bye week, Week 5, is perhaps one of the most difficult elements of the schedule, as fatigue can be a major factor in the long NFL season.

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However, the Atlanta Falcons are very strong off of the bye week in recent history. According to data presented by Brad Perniciaro on, the Atlanta Falcons are 4-1 in games following their bye week from 2012 to 2016.

Also, Perniciaro’s analysis suggests that the Falcons’ early week off may not be so bad:

"While it is true that some teams play better following a bye, it is also true that teams as a whole perform better on certain weeks following a bye… The trend over the last five years is that teams with the earliest bye weeks perform best in the game following their bye week… Teams which return from their byes on Week 5 through Week 8 have a winning percentage well over .500."

Hopefully, the Atlanta Falcons’ fresh legs in Week 6 will be a factor in a win over the Miami Dolphins.

Still, fans are worried about the long run. Even if the Falcons completely blow out the Dolphins, that’s just one win. How will the team perform in late season games, in which they will be mostly be facing NFC South opponents who may be in the fight for playoff spots or seeding?

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