Atlanta Falcons Soar in Power Rankings From all Over

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Matt Ryan /

The Falcons went up from No. 5 to No. 4 (behind the Chiefs, Raiders, and Pats) following a “wonderful performance” against the Green Bay Packers at home.

Things were, for Cheech & Chong, tough all over, but for the Atlanta Falcons, while still flying as high, things could not be better. Well, things could actually be, as there is always room for improvement, a smidge or two better. All things considered, however, the Dirty Birds are right up there with the cream of the crop of the NFL. And you know what they say about cream; it’s delicious. Oh, and it always rises to the top.

NFL Power Rankings

The Falcons went up from No. 5 to No. 4 (behind the Chiefs, Raiders, and Pats) following a “wonderful performance” against the Green Bay Packers at home. The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium has, as it turns out, more than just aesthetic value. Atlanta players were, in Week 1, slipping all over Soldier Field like shoeless children on a newly waxed floor, but on Sunday, Elliot Harrison and Cris Collinsworth agreed that the Falcons offense looks fasteron their own turf. On defense, Desmond Trufant was highlighted. Harrison has Atlanta pegged to win the NFC South.

Sporting News Power Rankings 

Atlanta moved up two spots to No. 4 (trailing the Broncos) and could reach higher when Matt Ryan and Julio Jones explode, which, according Vinnie Iyer, they have yet to do, content to let Devonta Freeman do his thang. Moreover, the defense is “happy to have its old glue guy back at cornerback, Desmond Trufant.” That’s two mentions for the cornerback who did have one heck of game; even better compared to his lackluster outing against the Chicago Bears in Week 1.

Yahoo Power Rankings 

Comparisons are odious, but that didn’t stop Frank Schwab from bringing up that fact that da Bears, Atlanta’s former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s current team, have yet to score a touchdown, while the Falcons looked, under its new OC, “like a machine for most of Sunday night.” Of course, with Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, and Julio Jones on the gridiron, Helen Keller could be calling the plays with nearly as much success. Atlanta climbed, in this particular ranking, from the No. 3 to the No. 2 spot, behind the Steelers.

CBS Sports Power Rankings 

The Falcons rule, by CBS’s standards, the roost. Echoing the preceding assessment, Pete Prisco writes that “They still haven’t quite clicked on offense yet, but it’s coming. When it does, watch out.” It is, once again, a matter not of if, but when. Atlanta was ranked No. 2 the previous week.

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ESPN Power Rankings 

The Falcons made the highest jump here, from No. 7 to No. 1. Atlanteans can stop worrying about the Birds letting Steve Sarkisian drive the offensive; he doesn’t seem likely to swerve off the road and crash the car, and then cradle the offense lovingly in his arms while it, with its dying breath, asks Sark for a last kiss. You know, like that song. Anyway, the point is that Matty Ice is averaging almost 10 yards per pass attempt and the offense as a whole ranked second by FPI.