Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins Game Recap

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15: Jarvis Landry
ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15: Jarvis Landry /

Atlanta Falcons fall to 3-2, losing to the Miami Dolphins for their second loss of the season.

The Atlanta Falcons were in the lead with a score of 17-0 heading into halftime.

Then the second half happened.

The Miami Dolphins, led by quarterback Jay Cutler, came back to score twenty unanswered points in the second half.

Atlanta’s run defense was virtually nonexistent, giving up 130-yards rushing to Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi. And for the first time, in arguably a longtime, Cutler played above average.

The Falcons gave it a go in the final minute or two of the 4th quarter, driving the ball down the field, only to have it intercepted (in field goal territory).

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Friends, albeit this is only the second loss of the season for the Falcons, and although every other team in the NFC South has at least two losses, this is not a good sign for Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons lost to the Dolphins, a 2-2 (now 3-2) team. This is the same Dolphins team that lost to the Falcons divisional rivals New Orleans Saints, by a score of 20-0.

There is something strange going on as there appears to be two NFL teams in Atlanta. One team is called the First Half Atlanta Falcons and the other team is called the Second Half Atlanta Falcons.

Literally, the Falcons were moving the ball with ease in the first-half of today’s game. Atlanta Offensive Coach, Steve Sarkisian, was calling plays from up in the booth for the first-time this season and the offense was moving beautifully (alas Atlanta Falcons offense 2016).

Then, for whatever reason, the Falcons played an horrific second half, generating zero points and allowing a Cutler led offense to walk all over them.

The Falcons need to get over this loss and quick. They have to travel up to New England to face the Patriots next Sunday on Sunday Night Football. And if memory serves me correctly, the last time the Falcons played the Patriots, they came back in the second half of the game as well.

Atlanta Head Coach Dan Quinn has a problem on his hands. His team is not finishing games and are disappearing at halftime. If they do not resolve this soon, we may see a losing streak (much like 2015). And if that be the case, forget getting back to the Super Bowl Falcons fans, because Atlanta would not even make it into the playoffs.

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Falcons lose to the Dolphins 20-17. Was it an upset, or is this what we can now come to expect from Atlanta?