Just when they think they are out, the Falcons are pulled back in

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15: Matt Bosher
ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15: Matt Bosher /

Atlanta Falcons: The New England Patriots are reportedly not allowed to talk about Super Bowl LI, while the Falcons would rather not.

The New England Patriots are reportedly not allowed to talk about Super Bowl LI, while the Atlanta Falcons would rather not, were it not that they’re constantly asked about it, even months after a fact.

However, as the long-awaited Sunday night rematch draws nearer between the Falcons and Patriots, it’s impossible to talk, think, or even dream about anything else.

"“I don’t think [head coach Dan Quinn] will put [28-3 signs] up,” as motivation, outside linebacker Vic Beasly, Jr. said, but “at the same time, it’s running through everybody’s mind. Everybody remembers the last time we played them. You remember the last outcome.”"

The Falcons have had a couple of recent reminders of what it’s like to blow a halftime lead, and though those have been nowhere near as heart-wrenching as conceding the biggest margin in Super Bowl history, they are indeed a tell-tale sign that Atlanta might not have quite learned their lesson from Super Bowl LI (suggesting that maybe those hypothetical 28-3 visual aids would be, if not welcomed, at least necessary at Flowery Branch).

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The Falcons were ahead against the Buffalo Bills in week 4 before losing Atlanta receiver Julio Jones; they ended up losing 23-17.

Then came their bye week, which, by Quinn’s own admission, allowed Jones plus several other injured players to recover.

The time off, however, may have done the Falcons more bad than good, though.

Atlanta scored as many points, in one half against the Miami Dolphins in week 6 as they did in the entire Bills game… and then crashed and burned in two scoreless second half quarters in which Miami managed to raise the 18 points needed for the upset win.

The Falcons have been, all told, outscored 38-24 in the last quarter this season, and if Jay Cutler, who was even briefly retired during the offseason, of all people, can engineer an 18-point comeback, just imagine what Patriots quarterback Tom Brady can do.

Oh wait, that’s right; we don’t have to imagine it.

"“This is not the time to f—ing relax’ because I could see a couple people starting to lean back on the sideline,” Falcons safety Ricardo Allen said. “You can’t lean back. You can’t pull off. You’ve got to keep grinding. You have to realize (the opponent) is going to make plays.”"

You know how in tons of movies the protagonist allows the antagonist to live, only for that decision to come back and bite the hero in the arse? That, and nothing else, is exactly what’s wrong with the Falcons. They lack the killer instinct to finish the job.

Sure, it’s morally wrong to kick a man when he’s down, but good ol’ fashioned values don’t win games.

So the question is, will they, not should they, but will they, have mercy on a Patriots defense that’s as unsubstantial as a Brocken spectre? And we all know what Tom Brady is capable of when that answer to that question is yes.

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Let’s put it like this; did Billy Zabka, when he showed, disregarding Martin Kove’s orders, Daniel-san mercy, win the tournament? Nope, what he got was a faceful of Ralph Macchio’s foot.