Atlanta Falcons fans, where do you rank

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Atlanta Falcons fans, the results are in. Where do you rank amongst all other fanbases? FanSided has the answer!

From actor and entertainer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to HBO’s iconic series “Game of Thrones”, fans are a major reason behind their success. And in the sports world, fanbases world wide are known for the passionate belief in and unyielding support of their teams. So where do the Atlanta Falcons fans rank amongst fanbases? Are they more passionate about the Dirty Birds than hard core Game of Throne fans are about their beloved dragons and epic battles? FanSided has ranked fanbases of all sorts and produced their “Fandom 250“!

Amongst all the fanbases in all the world, fans of celebrities, teams, and anything in between, FanSided has ranked Atlanta Falcons fans as #187 amongst of group of 250. Do you agree with this ranking? According to FanSided’s Fandom 250, Dirty Bird fans are more passionate about their team than 63 other fanbases are for the object of their fanfare.

However, this ranking also notes that there are 186 fanbases that are notably more supportive of their team, celebrity, or otherwise.

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This year’s Fandom 250 has been released at a time when Atlanta Falcons fans in-person game support has been questioned. Recently, Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was asked about Falcons fans and their participation at home games. Quinn basically noted that he would like to see Atlanta Falcons fans get more involved throughout the game. Was he right to make such a suggestion or comment? Could Falcons fans stand to increase their passion and support for their beloved Dirty Birds? Will the Mercedes-Benz Stadium become known as one of the loudest places in the NFL?

Perhaps that should be the goal of the Atlanta Falcons fanbase. Furthermore, in obtaining such a goal, perhaps Falcons fans will rise up the rankings in next year’s Fandom 250.

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