Is it time for the Falcons to prepare for life after Matt Ryan

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Quarterback Matt Ryan
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Quarterback Matt Ryan /

The Atlanta Falcons have not had to worry about a starting quarterback since 2008. But now, roughly ten years after drafting Matt Ryan, is it time for Atlanta to start preparing for life after the 2016 NFL MVP?

News swirled this week regarding the Atlanta Falcons interest in Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian.

It should be immediately noted that, if this is true and it occurs, the Falcons would not acquire Siemian to replace Matt Ryan now nor in the future.

It is a possibility that Atlanta could be motivated to trade for Siemian because such an acquisition would alleviate some money from Atlanta’s books.

Current Falcons backup quarterback Matt Schaub‘s contract is more expensive than Siemian’s.

In 2018, Schaub’s contract calls for a $5,500,000 cap hit. Where as Siemian’s contract figures to be a $718,198 hit on the cap

Given those numbers, it becomes obvious as to why Atlanta would be motived to acquire Siemian.

But aside from this, there is an underlying truth.

And while it would not be Siemian, eventually someone will have to replace the 2016 NFL MVP and Falcons starter Matt Ryan.

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The question is, who will replace him and when does Atlanta begin to prepare and plan for Ryan’s imminent departure?

First of all, Matt Ryan is not going anywhere [anytime soon].

But he cannot be the Falcons quarterback forever. Therefore, is it too soon to begin preparations for Ryan’s departure?

The answer is yes. Yes, it is too soon.

Matt Ryan is 32 years old. He is one year removed from having the best season of his career. And according to today’s NFL, Ryan is still rather young.

For example, one of the two starting quarterbacks playing in Super Bowl LII is 40 years old. 40.

Would the Falcons be wise to insure they have a solid second option at quarterback during Matt Ryan’s tenure? Absolutely.

Does Atlanta need to utilize a first, second, or third round pick to acquire Matt Ryan’s eventual replacement or backup? No. At least not now.

Sure, at some point, the question about Ryan’s “prime” years will become a legitimate topic of discussion. But to question his abilities now, or to anticipate the decline in his production in the near future, is silly.

Matt Ryan is the Atlanta Falcons quarterback for the foreseeable future and (opinion alert) his best years are ahead of him.

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When do you think the Atlanta Falcons should draft for or seek Matt Ryan’s replacement? Comment below!