The Atlanta Falcons are the 2019 NFC Champions

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1.  Matt Ryan

I am known as a Matt Ryan apologist and I make zero apologies for it. I am not sure this town has ever had as polarizing a player put on an Atlanta uniform than Matt Ryan.

You either love him or you hate him – I still do not understand the hate.

Matt Ryan is the best football player to ever put on a Falcons uniform. No he isn’t the athlete that Vick was and no he was not as flashy as Deion Sanders, but unlike those two, Matt Ryan has carried this franchise on his back.

Matt Ryan gives the best he has every single week.

Matt Ryan has been a consistent winner for a franchise that has never had a consistent winner.

Matt Ryan is Atlanta.

All that said, Matt Ryan is a top 3 QB in the NFL – only behind Brady and Brees. I am not impressed by the one good year that Maholmes has had. I am not impressed with the ebs and flows of Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck is by far the most overrated QB in the NFL. It took Luck six seasons to finally get over the 60 percent completion mark.

Matt Ryan has never complained about the musical chairs played with the OC position. Matt Ryan has never complained about the terrible job Dimitroff has done protecting him and Matt Ryan has never complained about how half the fan base treats him.

Matt Ryan is a first ballot hall of fame QB and before you say something about the talent around him, answer these two questions:

1.       What was Roddy White before Matt showed up?

2.       What are Julio’s numbers without Matt?

The answer to Roddy White was on his way to being a first round bust and Julio has always had Matt. Julio has never had to prepare for a season with an unstable QB like other guys around the league.

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We take Matt for granted, but he will be the main reason the Falcons are representing the NFC in Super Bowl 54.