Ra’Shede Hageman is looking for his second chance


Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Ra’Shede Hageman certainly hopes so. The former Falcons DL was in Flowery Branch on April 3rd.

Anyone that has ever needed a second chance would certainly agree with the premise, that everyone does deserve an opportunity to make things right. The more appropriate question would be – do we believe in second chances for athletes when our team(s) are the ones providing that opportunity. If Ra’Shede Hageman has indeed turned the corner, the Falcons should welcome him back with open arms.

There is certainly a case to be made that over the last couple of years the Falcons should have provided second chances for players like Richie Incognito and La’El Collins, both would have been a vast improvement over the guards and RT the team has employed recently. The Falcons did provide multiple chances for former CB Jalen Collins before severing ties.

What about a second chance for former Falcons second round pick Ra’Shede Hageman? Blogging Dirty noted in March that “Shede” was one of the worst draft picks that Thomas Dimitroff has had in his 11 years as general manager. However, that was due to his lackadaisical attitude and seemingly allergic reaction to working out and taking responsibility for himself.

The Falcons are certainly intrigued as they brought Hageman in for a workout on April 3rd. Judging by recently posted pictures of Hageman, he certainly looks like he is the best shape of his life and has been putting in the work that the organization asked him to do for the three years that he was originally a Falcon.

The NFL handed Hageman a two game suspension for his June 2018 DUI arrest and he has taken responsibility for that and will not appeal. This is another signifier that maybe, just maybe, Hageman has in fact matured as an individual and is ready to be part of something special again.

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Looking at the needs of this roster and what Hageman could add, he certainly is worthy of a second opportunity and there would be no one better to give it to him than the team that originally drafted him. If providing ‘Shede a second opportunity in the NFL means the Falcons are the beneficiary of his new found work ethic and he lives up to the draft place expectations, let’s give the former second rounder his second chance.