Post draft free agents the Atlanta Falcons should target

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We are a couple of weeks removed from the Atlanta Falcons draft and while the movement of players doesn’t happen a lot after the draft, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

If I were the GM of the Atlanta Falcons, this would be a great time to go out and find some talent at a discounted price. Now before you think, “who else could be out there that we can use?”, at the end of the day, you never have too much talent and you can never have enough depth.

Had the Falcons had more talent and depth, the string of injuries wouldn’t have affected the franchise the way they did in 2018. All Falcons fans can agreed that the window for us is not as open as it once was. Matt Ryan is getting older, it is hard to believe that Julio was drafted in 2011, but yeah, he’s been in the league that long.

The Falcons do not NEED any of the players but look at what late pickups have done for teams in recent history. The Rams signed CJ Anderson late in the season and once he hit the field, he looked like Eric Dickerson was back there running around with his goggles on in the backfield.

Now CJ Anderson was a solid pickup for the Rams, but what if I told you the Falcons could add two All-Pro’s and a Pro Bowler for pennies on the dollar that are low risk-high reward and could instantly make the team better?