Does Matt Ryan Belong Among The Greatest QB’s Of All Time?

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The obvious, Matt Ryan does not have a Super Bowl title on his resume and he was oh so close to having that. However, lets name a few greats who don’t have one or better yet a few that have won at least one or more that are brought up before Matt Ryan.

Troy Aikman does not rank top 10 in any major passing stats. Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowl  in the 1970’s and I respect that, but let me point out for his career, he only has two more touchdowns (212) to interceptions (210). Five out of his 14 years, he threw more interceptions that touchdowns. He barely completed more than 50% percent of his passes in his career (51.9%).

Joe Namath made a promise to win a Super Bowl and he delivered. He also had a cool nickname as well. That’s all people seem to remember about ol’ Broadway Joe. What people don’t seem to remember is his 62-63-4 record. They don’t remember his 173 career touchdowns and 220 career interceptions.

I love Warren Moon to death. He is one of my all-time favorite players just for the simple fact of what he did for the way people views African-American quarterback and yes, I’m going to take into consideration that he did get a late start due to his time in the CFL. He doesn’t have a super bowl (and never made it to one) and his numbers don’t compare to Ryan’s at all.

Dan Marino is often ranked in the Top five all-time without a Super Bowl title under his name. He was one of, if not the best thrower of the football throughout his prime and the “Mandatory Championship To Be Great” rule never applies to him. He is all time great and the fact he’s never won a Super Bowl never gets held against him.

If we are being honest here, had Matty Ice won that Super Bowl, people still would not give him his just due even if at was against Tom Brady and the Super Patriots. Ryan will win one before it’s all said and done so people can at least try to give him the credit and recognition he deserves.