Deion Sanders is not the greatest Atlanta Falcons player of all time

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The best years Deion enjoyed in the National Football League were not in Atlanta. Sanders was an eight time pro-bowl selection, less than half (3) were while he was wearing an Atlanta Falcons uniform. Same goes for his all-pro selections. Deion was a six time all-pro selection and only two of those came while he was wearing a Falcons uniform.

There are four other players that have had multiple all-pro selections while they wore a Falcons uniform and there are 16 other Falcons players that had more pro-bowl selections than Deion did during his five seasons in Atlanta.

In order for someone to be considered the best in a franchise history, said player should be among the leaders in both categories and stand out exponentially.

Deion spent 70 games in a Falcons uniform before choosing to leave. No one forced him out, there was no contract dispute and he never expressed being unhappy with the organization or the direction that they were heading.

Like an unhappy housewife, he packed his bags and left to go ring chase. He did not use his star power to attract players to Atlanta in order to help bring the city its first major championship; instead, he chose to go join rosters loaded with hall of fame talent to make his journey easier.

How can a player be the greatest of all time in a franchise history, if his greatest years as a professional were spent elsewhere? If this is the case, Brett Favre is the greatest player in Falcons history.