Atlanta Falcons prefer anonymity


The Atlanta Falcons do not have the issues that other teams have, the rash of negative headlines. Falcons fans should truly appreciate this.

Head over the FanSided NFL homepage and what do you see immediately? You will see headlines that read “OBJ needs to stop talking about the Giants”, “Patriots want Josh Gordon reinstated for week one” and something else that has to do with Tyreek Hill. You will not find a negative story about the Atlanta Falcons anywhere.

As much as it sucks to have people still bring up 28-3, I would much rather have to deal with that than players that cannot put the weed down, hit women or don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. I would rather have a disrespected elite QB than a diva WR who is more known for running his mouth than showing up big in big moments.

The Kardashian mantra of bad press is better than no press, just is not true. In 2019, players should not want every headline about them to negative simply to keep their name among the general public.

Matt Ryan continues to have one of the best careers of any QB in the history of the NFL and has done so without having his name drug through the mud or needing to be seen on every billboard across Atlanta. Julio Jones is the best WR in the league and never had to pose half-naked on a boat mere days before a playoff game.

Alex Mack is among the top three at his position and most fans could not tell you he played for the Cleveland Browns for nearly a decade before choosing Atlanta in free agency in 2016. NFL fans, media and front office personnel laughed when the Falcons drafted Keanu Neal and Deion Jones because they were guys who just went about their business and were not known names coming to their 2016 draft.

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The Falcons are full of guys that just want to work, have a passion for what they do and let their body of work write the headlines; they have no desire to be seen or heard for any other reason.