The Atlanta Falcons can be legendary in 2019


With the Atlanta Falcons training camp opening in a little over two weeks, the word to strive for in 2019 is a simple one.

Every Atlanta Falcons player comes into training camp with two sets of goals in mind – personal and team. Most players will tell you that they simply want their team to win and that their personal goals do not matter, if that happens.

Some of them are being truthful and some of them are simply trying not to be a distraction and cause a ripple in the water. However, NFL contracts are designed to force players to be selfish as their bonus structure is set up for individual achievement, not team achievements.

However, as the Falcons report to camp, they should all be thinking of a word to describe their goals for 2019. As a fan, that word is simple.


The 2019 Atlanta Falcons have a chance to be legendary. They have an opportunity to join the elite franchises that have won a Super Bowl. Of the 32 teams in the NFL, 12 have never won a Super Bowl; four have never even played for one.

Matt Ryan in 2019 has a chance to pull the monkey of his back like Steve Young did during the 1994 NFL seasons when the 49ers beat the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX. Ironically, that game was also in South Florida at Hard Rock Stadium, host of this year’s Super Bowl.

The talent to be legendary is on the roster for Dan Quinn. With all the questions about his job status, can he direct both the defense while running the entire team, has he learned from his clock issues that have plagued him and will he intervene like he should have done in 2016 if needed? All of those questions can be answered by being legendary in 2019.

This Falcons defense was near the bottom in 2018. With every piece coming back in 2019, added depth and a scheme change to take advantage of every player strengths, they too have a chance to join the elite of the NFL and be legendary.

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The brotherhood has a chance to take a major step forward and silence a lot of critics and fan bases in 2019. Being legendary will take care of all of that.