Stop disrespecting Matt Ryan


With the 2019 NFL season just around the corner, it appears that the annual “Matt Ryan is overrated” chatter is beginning to build.

It would be nonsensical for Falcons fans to think that everyone appreciates Matt Ryan, especially since there are many within this fan base that do not. However, part time Atlanta radio host Thomas Mott asked a question of the Falcons flagship station that was very interesting.

How many quarterbacks would you take over Matt Ryan for the 2019 season? For the record, he had three; Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck. He is absolutely correct with Tom Brady, however, to put Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck ahead of Matt Ryan at this point is comical.

Let’s look at the last three seasons for Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck.

Matt Ryan

  • 48 games played – Falcons are 28-20
  • 13,963 passing yards
  • 93 touchdowns
  • 26 interceptions
  • 68% completions

Aaron Rodgers

  • 39 games played – Packers are 20-18-1
  • 10,545 passing yards
  • 81 touchdowns
  • 15 interceptions
  • 64% completions

Andrew Luck

  • 31 games played – Colts are 18-13
  • 8,883 passing yards
  • 70 touchdowns
  • 28 interceptions
  • 65.5% completions

Sure, there are a million different stats to look at when it comes to quarterbacks such as yards per completion, yards per attempt (which is the dumbest calculated stat in any sport), completion rate at various increments and there are a lot more. However, regardless of what metrics you use, Matt Ryan has out-played both Rodgers and Luck when on the field and let us not mention the health factor between the three of them either.

Do not misconstrue what is being said, Matt Ryan is not the best quarterback in the NFL. Brady and Brees are ahead of him. But the lack of respect put on his name by stating players like Patrick Mahomes, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck or Lamar Jackson are better than Matt Ryan is nonsensical trash.

Fans and media love to say that stats are not the only measurement when talking quarterbacks. If that were the case, what are those same people using when stating that Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league? What has Aaron Rodgers accomplished in the last 9 seasons since he led the Packers to the 2010 Super Bowl?

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Fact is, stats are the only measure when it comes to quarterbacks in the National Football League and Matt Ryan deserves a lot more respect than he gets in that regard from fans and media alike.