Matt Ryan is perfect example of perception not meeting reality


NFL media and analysts fail every time they talk about Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Atlanta Falcons fans are tired. They are tired of every metric and reason being bent for every quarterback in the NFL, except Matt Ryan. They are tired of Matt being blamed for the Super Bowl collapse in which he had the best game ever for a quarterback though that point in post season history.

Falcons fans are tired of Matt Ryan not being good enough despite being great at what he does.

No matter what individual metric you would like to consider when comparing Matt Ryan, he is among the best in the game today. When you put context to it, he is even better. More outside hired coordinators than any other quarterback, had one good offensive line in 11 years and has had one defense in his career finish in the top 10 in both scoring defense and total defense.

Yet, this man is 30 games over .500 as an NFL starter.

How bad is the disrespect getting, look no further than reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes. Look, Mahomes had an all-time season, however, it is the only season he has had. Yet, when media and fans discuss Matt Ryan, he is not “consistent” enough for them.

How consistent has Matt been during his career? Great question.

  • 1st all-time 263 straight games with 200 yards passing
  • 10th all-time in passes completed
  • 12th all-time in yards thrown
  • 12th all-time in touchdowns thrown
  • 10th all-time in career passer rating
  • 3rd all-time in completions per game
  • 11th all-time in most comebacks in league history

These are just a handful of stats that show how consistent Matt Ryan has been his entire career. On top of all of those, Matt has a current streak of at least four thousand yards passing for eight straight years. EIGHT. The only other quarterback in the NFL that has a streak longer than three is Phillip Rivers and he has six straight.

You know who does not have a current streak of at least 8 seasons with four thousand yards passing:

That is correct, no other quarterback in the National Football League has a streak of at least four thousand yards for eight straight years.

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If you want to continue to blame Ryan for the Falcons defensive collapse in Super Bowl LI, have at it. But stop with the “he is not consistent enough” nonsense when you utter Matt Ryan’s name.