Yes, Atlanta Falcons’ Beasley loves the game


Atlanta Falcons fifth year defensive end Vic Beasley Jr sat down for an interview that makes you wonder if his head is in the right place.

Blogging Dirty has written a few different times on the pressure that the Atlanta Falcons defensive end faces in 2019. In year five of a five-year deal, this is a now or never again moment for the 2019 first round pick.

Beasley has always played under pressure. When he got to Clemson, he was moved from running back to linebacker to defensive end and had to make that move work if he was ever going to actually play. Not only did he adapt to his new position, he thrived.

Being drafted by his hometown franchise put a lot of pressure on Vic, as it does any athlete that has a chance to go home. Add on top of that where he was drafted, the pressure before he ever played a snap was truly over the top.

During this interview with Jeff Schultz, there was a very interesting exchange between the two that started with a very odd framing of a question by Schultz.

"This may sound like a strange question, but do you still love football?What?"

They would continue a back and forth for a few where Schultz says he was asking on behalf of all the people who have asked him that question and then the bizarre exchange ends with this:

"And?Yes, I enjoy the game."

There is a lot that can be inferred from this back and forth. The first response in my head was, he just enjoys the game? Why does he not love it? However, upon further thought, Vic has never had motor issues, he plays hard every single down and it is clear that Vic gives 100 percent on every single play.

While we may not always like the outcome, no one has ever been able to question his effort.

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Players hear everything. Even if they do not read it or hear it themselves, their friends and loved ones do and you can be sure that the messages get back to the athlete in 2019. It’s time to cut Beasley some slack and realize he needs our support in 2019 as he is going to be a big reason for this teams success.