Julio Jones is the king of Atlanta sports


The city of Atlanta is blessed to have a lot of highly talented young athletes across their four professional franchises and the Falcons Julio Jones is the king of them all.

The Falcons know how blessed they are to have a player like Julio Jones. When you look across the landscape of the NFL as well as the history of the league, Julio is a top 10 wide receiver of all time and he is only going to climb that ladder the rest of his career.

Atlanta as a whole is blessed across all pro sports with the amount of young talent in the city at the same time.

Throughout Atlanta sports history, each team has had its moments; Hawks with Dominique, the Falcons with Michael Vick, the Braves have had too many legends to name in this piece and while Atlanta United is still in its infancy, to have players like Miguel Almiron and Josef Martinez is simply amazing.

However, Atlanta sports have never before in history had the talent all at one time, literally every single team currently calling Atlanta home has elite talent with star potential.

The Hawks have two of the most exciting young players in John Collins and Trae Young, the Braves have Ronald Acuna Jr, Ozzie Albies and Freddie Freeman, Atlanta United has Barco and Josef Martinez and the Atlanta Falcons have Matt Ryan, Deion Jones, Grady Jarrett and of course the best of them all, Julio Jones.

Julio is the king of Atlanta and it isn’t debatable. He is an all-time great and the face of a franchise despite not appearing all over social media and all over the television other than on Sundays. The fact that Julio has become a super star simply off his abilities is rare in sports. Most guys have to date models, appear in ads for consumer goods, magazines and Instagram to achieve the level of super-stardom that Julio Jones has reached.

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In a town full of young talent that all have the ability to become the face of their respective leagues, quiet Julio Jones sits on his throne above them all. Imagine his stature when he finally helps lead Atlanta to a Super Bowl.

What a time to be in Atlanta.