Hot takes are not going to change the identity of the Atlanta Falcons


Hot takes are not going to change the outcome or solve the problems that the Atlanta Falcons displayed today in Minnesota.

Every Atlanta Falcons fan sitting on the couch likes to play coach, quarterback and general manager, myself included. However, let’s keep it real, none of us know better than Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan or Thomas Dimitroff and none of us know what it’s like to be planted by a 300-pound defensive lineman and none of us know what Matt Ryan is seeing as he surveys the field.

However, those do not keep us from the ridiculous overreaction hot takes currently streaming on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Matt Ryan does not suck and is not the problem. Yes, he threw two interceptions today and he will always take 100 percent responsibility for those. However, not all interceptions are on Matt Ryan. NFL routes run by running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers are all based on timing and expectation. The ball thrown by Matt Ryan that was picked off in the end zone was the result of Luke Stocker getting jammed in the end zone and not being where he should have been.

Dan Quinn is not a terrible coach. Yes, he has issues and yes he has to get better, but he is better than at least half the head coaches in the league. I also agree that he needs to save his post-game speeches and spend that energy doing something that will help this team win games. Telling the media that he was out-coached or the team was outplayed for the 30th time is a waste of time.

Next. Not the ideal start for the Atlanta Falcons. dark

The Falcons clearly have issues that must be addressed if they are going to get on track next week when the Eagles come to Mercedes Benz, but screaming that both Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn are terrible solves nothing and simply is not true.