Halftime adjustments Atlanta Falcons have to make against Colts


The Atlanta Falcons have spent the first half of the game against the Colts being pushed around and looking like the team that lost to the Vikings, not the one that beat the Eagles last week.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw his sixth pick of the season after another really bad read and one that quite honestly made everyone watching wondering where in the world he was looking. Matt has also missed a wide-open Julio Jones a few times, one of which would have resulted in a Falcons touchdown.

Matt Ryan’s play is not even the biggest story of the first half. As we told you this week on Blogging Dirty, the Colts and Jacoby Brissett were going to target Isaiah Oliver and they have done just that. They have gone after every defensive back not named Desmond Trufant.

There are a couple halftime adjustments that the Atlanta Falcons have to make.

Defensive Line is MIA

Grady Jarrett is the only defensive lineman that has shown up in the first half. The Falcons have moved him around a lot in the first half and even Quenton Nelson could not slow him down one-on-one. However, no one else along the defensive line has shown up.

Vic Beasley, Takk McKinley, Allen Bailey, and Tyeler Davison have been no shows. Jack Crawford has been called for two neutral zone infractions as well.

This defensive line has to show up in the second half and make Jacoby Brissett uncomfortable. This defense has been to bend not break, unfortunately, they have broken a few times.

Matt Ryan

As we said above, Matt Ryan has been terrible today. He is predetermining throws before the ball is snapped and making really bad decisions. While two or three of Matt Ryan’s three interceptions are not on him, three of them are, including the one today.

Matt Ryan has got to get back to being the quarterback of this team or this game will get away from them.

Run Game

Devonta Freeman has shown a few bursts that we have not seen from him in two years. Koetter has to do a better job of feeding Freeman which will open up the passing game downfield and allow the big play receivers the Falcons have to make plays.

Koetter’s play-calling has not made any sense in the first half. His play-calling and game plans so far this season has been worse than anything Steve Sarkisian had in his two years.