Despite 6 interceptions, Matt Ryan still respected nationally


Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is a hot button topic as usual among the fan base as he has looked really good at times but still has six interceptions to start the season.

However, Matt Ryan has also thrown eight touchdowns, including four to Julio Jones. Sure, some will say they consider these “garbage time stats” but just like former Falcons receiver Harry Douglas said, with an offense with this many weapons they are never out of a game.

Fact is had the defense been able to get any stops in weeks one or three, the Falcons would have been able to play more ball control and Matt would not have to throw the ball 41 times a game. When you throw the ball that much, interceptions are going to happen.

However, it is always interesting to see how others view Matty Ice and the Atlanta Falcons.

This week, FanSided national football writer Matt Verderame wrote his weekly opinion on the NFL quarterback power rankings and his ranking of Matt Ryan is very interesting sure to cause a stir among the Falcons fan base.

Despite the Atlanta Falcons 1-2 start, he still has the 2016 MVP ranked in his top 10. Matter of fact, after the Falcons week two win over the Eagles, Ryan was outside the top 10.

This ranking is despite the fact that Matt Ryan leads the league in interceptions. Why? Because Matt, like most knowledgeable football pundits, understands that Matt Ryan is playing behind an atrocious offensive line and is trying his best to will a terribly coached team to more wins than they should have.

Verderame had this to say about Matt Ryan:

"Ryan has six interceptions, and the Falcons are 1-2. Still, Ryan is largely playing well despite being behind a poor offensive line and constantly playing from behind in two games. Few players have been more underrated over the last decade than Ryan."

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As we have said, can Ryan play better? Yes, he can. But you cannot fault a guy for trying to make plays while being handicapped with what he is surrounded by.