It’s time to blame the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff


The seat of Dan Quinn is full flame mode after a disastrous 1-3 start to a season where we were led to believe it was Super Bowl or bust for the Atlanta Falcons.

There is Atlanta Falcons fan blaming the players especially Matt Ryan, but it’s clear you can’t blame him for this loss.

As a matter of fact, you can’t blame any of the players for the loss (well maybe that offensive line). Through four games, it’s safe to say that the Atlanta Falcons are the worst coached team in the NFL. It’s time we put the blame on the real culprits, the Falcons coaching staff.

It was a very hot day in Atlanta especially for this time of year, but the heat came from Dan Quinn’s seat which might be as hot as it could possibly get. He wanted to put the defense in his hands so he must be held accountable for the issues on that side of the ball.

Dirk Koetter’s ancient offensive scheme just can’t cut it in today’s NFL.

There is no reason why a team that has Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Calvin Ridley, Austin Hooper, and Devonta Freeman should only be able to put up 10 points on anyone no matter how stout the defense is.

Matt Ryan throwing for 397 yards is totally acceptable but to throw for not one touchdown is not. There might be one or two defenses in the NFL right now that possibly prevent something like this from happening and as good as the Titans defense is, they are not.

On defense, it’s clear to see that the game plan was to let Marcus Mariota beat them and not Derrick Henry and well he did just that. The Falcons didn’t get to Mariota not one time and because they didn’t, he was able to throw for three touchdowns against a secondary that was without Keanu Neal.

That unacceptable especially against a team that most people would have thought the Falcons could beat.

This coaching staff needs a complete rebuild from the bottom up. You see teams around the league with evolving offenses like the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and especially the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dan Quinn at one point in time looked like he was the answer and was going to take the Falcons to the promised land. Now it looks as if he won’t make it to midseason and for a lot of fans that’s perfectly fine.

Next. Matt Ryan should not have to be perfect for the Falcons to win. dark

The job of the coaches to create the right game plan and put the players in the best position to succeed. It’s not the time for a rebuild because there is too much talent on this team and there are great coaches that are foaming at the mouth to coach this team but a facelift is definitely needed for this coaching staff.