Falcons’ Vic Beasley needs a change of scenery


After a 1-5 start, Atlanta Falcons faithful are looking at everyone to intelligently explain why a season that was full of promise has gone in this direction.

The Atlanta Falcons offense has done its job and scored enough points for this team to be no worse than 4-2 after six games. When you look at the defense, the lack of pressure up front makes it easy to point the finger at the $13 million man, Vic Beasley.

Friday it was leaked that the Falcons were putting Beasley on the trading block and they believe that aa change of scenery for Vic is best and they are absolutely correct.

A quick side story – I was working for the Atlanta Falcons radio network and was the producer for the 2015 NFL draft show we did, I am also a Clemson graduate. When the Falcons drafted Vic, I was ecstatic, and it was great to talk to him 20 minutes after his name was called. I had high hopes for Beasley here in Atlanta.

Growing up in Georgia, Beasley WANTED to play for the Atlanta Falcons, the lining of his draft suit was red and black as he was hopeful that the Falcons would call his name. He WANTED to bring a Lombardi home to Atlanta, and he WANTED to be a Falcons legend. The pressure to play for your hometown team proved to be too much for Vic Beasley.

Sadly, he may be a Falcons legend for all the wrong reasons.

There have been a lot of busts in the history of this organization’s history, but Vic Beasley may be the biggest of them all. The only other Falcons draft history that would rival Beasley for the biggest bust is Jamaal Anderson (defensive end Jamaal, not Dirty Bird Jamal).

Regardless of how you feel about Vic Beasley, his contract, or his lack of production what cannot be questioned is the love that has for the city, the fans or the organization and in a day and age where athletes have a mantra of “f-you pay me”, we will miss the love that Vice Beasley has for everything Atlanta.

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While Vic Beasley absolutely has to go, from afar, I will be hoping a change of scenery rejuvenates his career and I hope you do too; everyone deserves a second chance.