Three players the Atlanta Falcons should trade before deadline

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The Atlanta Falcons moved Mohamed Sanu in the early morning hours Tuesday as we are just a week away from the NFL trade deadline.

This was the first of several trades that we should expect the Atlanta Falcons to make over the coming week as they look to accumulate picks and make room for some of the younger players on the roster.

Looking at the Falcons roster there are several pieces that the Falcons can trade now, free up cap space for 2020 and accumulate picks that could turn this franchise around under the right general manager and head coach.

This season has gone 180 degrees from where we thought this franchise would be just three months ago. No one envisioned that heading into week eight that the Falcons would be sellers at the trade deadline in order to rebuild under new leadership.

Sure, there are fans of other teams that will swear they saw this coming, but that is nothing more than twitter fodder at this point as fans love to dump on fan bases when they are down.

What is true, is the fact that the Falcons are loaded with guys that have expiring deals or deals with a team out that make them attractive to contenders looking to add a little juice to the roster in hopes of solidifying their run to a title.

Like any other sport, the NFL is full of coaches and general managers that believe a change of scenery can help players who may be struggling, which bodes well for Atlanta.

Here are the players the Falcons should move before the trade deadline.