Atlanta Falcons offense no-shows until the second half


As was expected, the Atlanta Falcons fall to 1-7 after a 27-20 loss to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

For just the second time in his career with the Atlanta Falcons and the first since December 6, 2009, Matt Ryan did not play in a game as a member of the Falcons. This was also the third start he has missed in his career.

Unfortunately, the Falcons decided not to show up until the third quarter after finding themselves down 24-0 at halftime. Matt Schaub had gone 1,421 days in between his NFL starts and it showed early. Schaub did a great job of rebounding from an early interception to throw for more than 400 yards today.

The biggest shock of the game was Matt Bryant missing not one but two field goals today that would have had this as a one-score game early in the fourth quarter. Matt Bryant had not missed two field-goal attempts in a game since October 2017 against the Patriots.

Fans had been looking forward to this game as many thought that a loss would signal the end of Dan Quinn in Atlanta with the bye-week next week, but rumors are swirling that will not be the case. That should not be all that shocking if you have paid attention to Arthur Blank as an owner. Dan Quinn more than likely will finish out the year before being relieved of his duties.

The Falcons will have two weeks to regroup and try to get something going during the second half of the season, something fans will not want to see. We know in 2019, the Falcons ended the year winning three straight meaningless games that dropped them more than five spots in the first round.

Next. Schaub should start the rest of the season. dark

The next two weeks for the Falcons will be like a daytime soap opera and very likely will result in something that the Falcons fans will want to see happen, Dan Quinn for eight more games. Though, if you are in the tank for Chase Young camp, you love Dan Quinn finishing the season out.