Second Look: Grading the Falcons first half of 2019

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Offensive Line – D

The Falcons offensive line has once again been terrible, though lack of cohesiveness and familiarity plays a large part in their performance. Injuries have also been a big reason for their dysfunction.

Most people do not realize how important familiarity is among the offensive line. There are so many moving parts to what they do on a play to play basis that trust is the only way they can be successful as a unit. There cannot be trust among the group when there is no stability.

The Falcons had their starting offensive line for all of a few plays when rookie right guard Chris Lindstrom was hurt against the Vikings back in week one. Since then, the Falcons have used several starting lineups among the offensive line and none of them have been successful.

Lindstrom is eligible to come off IR and could be available after the bye week when the Falcons face the Saints. Hopefully, the second half of the season will see the Falcons create some momentum upfront and get rolling.

Running backs – D

Four running backs and yet the Falcons coaching staff cannot seem to give anyone but Devonta Freeman a chance at running the ball with any real chance at getting into a rhythm.

We can all agree that Freeman is not the best back on this team and that Ito Smith, Brian Hill, and Qadree Ollison all deserve more carries than they are getting. Ollison and Hill have been inactive more than they have been available and that has to change the second half of the season.

The Falcons will have an opportunity to cut Freeman after the season is over and given the performance that we have seen from him, there is a good chance they do just that and live with whatever the cap repercussions are.

It is clear, the three younger backs have to become more prominent in the offensive game plan moving forward.