No trades for Atlanta Falcons signals big changes coming


The Atlanta Falcons made other trades before Tuesdays’ 4 pm trade deadline. While many are upset by this, they should not be as this signals a bigger change is on the horizon. One that we can all get behind.

Many Atlanta Falcons faithful were hopeful that players like Vic Beasley, De’Vondre Campbell, and Desmond Trufant would be granted a change of scenery on Tuesday, but as the deadline for trades came and went, no Falcons players changed uniforms.

This is a sign that Arthur Blank is going to make sweeping changes across all aspects of the Falcons organizations.

Blank made it clear this summer that he had high expectations for this team and that if they were not met, that jobs would be lost. Clearly, at 1-7, those lofty expectations were not met and changes are indeed coming.

If Arthur Blank was going to retain Thomas Dimitroff as general manager, he would have okayed moves be made today. The fact that the Falcons did not make a single move or entertain any of the offers that they received today, signifies that Blank no longer trusts Dimitroff to do what is best for the Falcons.

As he shouldn’t.

The base for this Atlanta Falcons franchise is there, it’s tangible and we can see it; there is talent on this roster. They need to add a few pieces and with the prospects of a Top 4 pick on the horizon, why would any owner let a general manager on his way out tinker with things that a new general manager with a clearer vision can simply come in and clean up?

Sure, clearing some cap space for 2020 and adding a couple draft picks would have been preferable, however, selling off pieces in a fire sale does not make as much sense as waiting until before draft time to make last-minute deals and secure picks then.

Sure the ramifications on the salary cap may be different, but what we know about the NFL is teams seem to be able to make things happen when it looks like they cannot.

Falcons should throw caution to the wind. dark. Next

While some will continue to be mad that no moves were made today, I will continue to believe that Arthur Blank has a bigger move in mind and is waiting until December 30th to start that train rolling down the tracks.