Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints – Will Atlanta pull the upset?


The Atlanta Falcons are set to kick off the second half of their season in New Orleans against the hated Saints. Will all original goals off the table, what mentality will the Falcons have moving forward?

Not many people expect the Atlanta Falcons to beat the Saints Sunday, as sad as that may be, it is the honest truth. Obviously, we are all hoping they pull the upset like the Saints did to us in 2012, but it is not likely.

Here is how the Blogging Dirty Staff thinks Sunday breaks down.

Jeff Benedict – Site Expert

Throw the records out! That is what they say in rivalry games and most of the time that is true. However, we have not seen much fight from the Falcons in most games this season as a collective group. There are individuals that are fighting like hell, but they have yet to be in sync.

Matt Ryan will be back after missing his first start in more than a decade, but all eyes will be on the defense as they face one of the all-time great quarterbacks and offensive systems. I think the Saints sweep the Falcons for the second year in a row.

  • Falcons: 24
  • Saints: 42

Matt Summers – Contributor

It’s going to be a packed house in New Orleans as the Falcons roll into town. The Falcons defense will have to play top-notch in order to shut down the like of Kamara, Thomas, and Brees. I just don’t think they’re capable of doing so, as they have yet to show signs of performing at that high a level thus far.

I expect the Falcons offense to put up the yardage and the points to keep it somewhat close, but once again the defense will fail the team.

  • Falcons: 24
  • ‘Aints: 38

Matt Siegman – Contributor

With the playoffs out of reach, the only thing the Falcons have to play for is ruining their rivals season. After getting destroyed in the last couple of weeks, the Falcons are due for a big game.

Now looking at the matchup most fans would say there is no way the Saints lose this game. The Saints are flying high with a 7-1 record but are the most arrogant team in the league. This would be the Falcons best game under Dan Quinn. This will likely not be the score but I think the Falcons are going to surprise a lot of people on Sunday.

  • Falcons: 28
  • Saints: 3

Joe Beasley – Contributor

Coming off a bye week, a healthy Saints team is not the team you want to face especially if you’re a struggle Falcons teams whose quarterback is coming off of an injury. Will the Falcons be able to provide enough protection for Matt Ryan? Will there be some form of a running game to help out Matt Ryan?

Can the defense get enough pressure on Drew Brees to force him into some mistakes and make life easier on the secondary? This is a big-time rivalry game and I expect the Saints to win but it won’t be the blowout everyone is expecting. The Falcons are playing for what left of their pride and won’t go down easy.

  • Falcons: 27
  • Saints: 30

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Ethan Johnson – Contributor

It really pains me to have written this statement out, but the Falcons don’t stand a chance against the New Orleans Saints. This is a huge mismatch that will not end well. To make matters worse, the game is in New Orleans, a place the Falcons had trouble winning at even when they were good.

With no pass rush for the Falcons, Drew Brees will have all day to throw the ball. I fear that this game will get ugly very quick.

  • Falcons: 14
  • Saints: 41