Sadly, the Atlanta Falcons play their Super Bowl Thursday night


The offseason of promise for the Atlanta Falcons has come down to this, a Thursday night home game on Thanksgiving against your hated rival.

There are no words left to describe the horrendous season that the Atlanta Falcons have experienced in 2019, they have all been said. Sure, we will keep writing and hoping that this franchise will find a spark at some point, but we all know that 2019 only has one goal left.

Sweeping the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints are fighting the 49ers for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Losing both games to the Atlanta Falcons will hurt the eventual NFC South champions.

There are a lot of reasons that a season of hope has yet again been squandered and we have covered many of them. There is plenty of blame for Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff, Dan Quinn and every single player on this roster.

When we talked about a championship-caliber roster and potential for 2019, no one thought that Thursday night at Mercedes Benz Stadium would be our championship. Sweeping the Saints is literally all the Falcons have left to play for. (Save the playing for pride nonsense, that is fan speak)

Moral victories are nonsensical and have no value after pee-wee football, but knowing the Atlanta Falcons gave the Saints two losses in a month and dropped them two full games behind the 49ers with four weeks left would allow us to smile and laugh just a little over the final month of the season.

Sure, it’s petty and not really much to hang our hats on, but it’s all we have left.

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The Atlanta Falcons have one goal Thursday, sweep the Saints and keep them from breaking out their 2019 NFC South champions t-shirts and hats that they are bringing with them to MBS; this is our unfortunate Super Bowl in 2019.