Do’s and don’ts for the Atlanta Falcons first round pick

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The NFL is evolving right before our very eyes. Offenses are scoring more and there are explosives players scattered throughout the league.

The Atlanta Falcons must resist the urge to draft one of the higher-ranked offensive players in the draft this year because that’s not what they need to address first and foremost.

The Falcons can make that offensive skill position picks later on the draft but that should be a priority with a team.

CeeDee Lamb

The Falcons have the best receiver in football hands down in Julio Jones. When you think he’s having a quiet season, it ends up being a season where he has 90 plus receptions and 1200 plus yards.

Everyone wishes the touchdown numbers we there but that’s what happens when defenses key in on you and your quarterback has a blink of an eye to get you the ball.

With Calvin Ridley as a partner in crime and an emerging tight end in Austin Hooper, CeeDee Lamb should not be an option here.

Some would say he was the all-around better receiver between him and former teammate Hollywood Brown and that would not be a stretch.

Yes, he has the size and incredible ball skills but Lamb is not someone who could come in and address the issues on this team.

Any Quarterback

Matt Ryan is here to stay. Drafting a quarterback this early in the draft would be one of the bigger mistakes the Falcons could make.

It looks as if the new wave for the quarterback position is to find a dual-threat and even though Ryan is far from that, that’s not a valid enough reason to go out and draft one.

Yes, there is the first-round talent at the position like Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert but none of them are Matt Ryan.

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t pushing Ryan out the way to draft an unproven quarterback no matter what they did in college. We see it time and time again where a quarterback who was an absolute stud in college come into the league and do absolutely nothing and the Falcons risk making that same mistake if they go this route.