Atlanta Falcons look to win second home game of the season


The Atlanta Falcons are back in action after a much needed 10 days off. The Falcons will be as close to fully healthy as they have been since Week 1 against Minnesota.

At this point, the Atlanta Falcons are just trying to get through the rest of the season without any major issues that will damper 2020. Getting back Austin Hooper, Julio Jones and rookie guard Chris Lindstrom should hopefully give the offense the boost it needs to win at home for just the second time all season.

Can the Falcons hold the Panthers to just a field goal like they did a month ago in Charlotte or will the Panthers score enough to break their four-game losing streak after replacing head coach Ron Rivera?

Here is how the staff at Blogging Dirty thinks the game breaks down.

Jeff Benedict – Site Expert

The Atlanta Falcons have put fans in a weird predicament for a second consecutive year – want to win a game or tank to keep a Top 5 draft pick. As a fan, it is a garbage decision to have to make and a position the franchise has to make sweeping changes to avoid forcing fans to make that decision in the near future.

As far as Sunday afternoon in The Benz, the Falcons will outscore the Panthers and win for the first time at home since beating the Eagles 24-20 in Week 2.

  • Falcons: 31
  • Panthers: 24

Adam Zippan

This is Carolina’s first game without Ron Rivera. The Panthers have lost four straight. Their run defense is very soft. Atlanta’s run offense is atrocious. Something has to give. The Falcons will have Julio Jones and Austin Hooper back, which should be huge for Matt Ryan.  Look for Ryan to have a big game as a result.

  • Atlanta: 27
  • Panthers: 21

Deen Worley

The only thing I am looking forward to in regards to this game is seeing Roddy White‘s name embedded in the Atlanta Falcons ring of honor.

But seriously, this game features two teams who will be absent from the playoffs and one team who has fired their head coach. That one team is not the Atlanta Falcons, even though the season has gone way worse for Atlanta.

Nonetheless, I don’t see this team tanking like people want, we get a top 10 pick, but towards the back of the top 10.

  • Atlanta: 27
  • Carolina:13

Joe Beasley

The Falcons are getting Austin Hooper and Julio Jokes back for the game which is a big plus. Couple that with the fact the Panthers have a new head coach and are in the midst of losing and we have the recipe for a Falcons win IF they execute the way they did the first go around.

Look for Freeman to make an impact this game against a defense the surrendered 228 yards on the ground and three touchdowns to Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice.

  • Falcons: 30
  • Panthers: 14

Ross Terrell

The Falcons officially have nothing to play for and a lot to lose by winning. Yes, we’re talking draft position. Julio and Hoop are back, though one could question why risk it? Either way, Falcons win in an ugly one.

  • Falcons:17
  • Panthers:10

Matt Siegman

Coming off a disappointing loss, the Falcons need to start dropping games in order to receive a high draft pick. Looking at the other teams in front of the Falcons, going 3-13 or 4-12 can be the difference between the third and sixth pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.

However, the Panthers just fired their head coach and the Falcons historically play well against this team. They will likely win against the Panthers as they are simply the better team and both team’s seasons are lost.

  • Falcons: 27
  • Panthers: 23

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Ethan Johnson

The Atlanta Falcons have reverted back to playing bad defense. Once again, the guys look confused and out of position. The offensive line is playing poorly and the run game is still non-existent. The Carolina Panthers recently fired Ron Rivera and their playoff chances are slim to none. Neither team is playing well, but the Falcons will win 21-17 because of Roddy White‘s enshrinement and the historic edge the Falcons have playing against this team in Atlanta.