Atlanta Falcons left out of the FanSided 250


December means a couple things, the Atlanta Falcons season is almost over and the FanSided 250 comes out.

Once again, the Atlanta Falcons are nowhere to be found on the FanSided 250. If you are unfamiliar with the FanSided 250, simply put, it is the Top 250 fan bases in sports and entertainment; franchises, people, TV shows, etc.

The Atlanta Falcons have only appeared in the Top 250 once and of course, that was in 2017 when they appeared at #187.

When you look across the FanSided 250, there are plenty of teams and athletes in smaller cities that win less than the Falcons, yet those fan bases have no issues supporting those teams or athletes. In Atlanta, our entertainment dollar has more options and it is tough to spend the type of money it takes to visit Mercedes Benz Stadium to support the Falcons.

The lack of the Atlanta Falcons is a direct reflection of what Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff have turned this franchise into.

Less than 20 years ago, the Falcons were must-see TV. Everyone in Atlanta WANTED to get a ticket to the game, wanted to read about their team and had an opinion that they thought everyone should hear. Over the last decade, that has changed dramatically.

MBS is a ghost town most games, even in good years. The fan base is fractured in regards to Hall of Fame players like Matt Ryan and fans don’t care what happens with the team at this point. No, this does not apply to everyone as there are still some ride or die fans, but the city love for the Falcons has disappeared.

There is no reason that players like Gardner Minshew and Baker Mayfield appear on this list and the league’s best player in Julio Jones is not. There is no reason that a franchise like New Orleans is on this list and the Falcons are not.

Even when looking within the state, the Hawk, United, Braves, and UGA all made this list. The Falcons are nowhere to be found.

That is embarrassing, to say the least. There is no reason that a team in one of the eight largest cities among this country’s biggest sport, that they are not part of the Top 250 fan bases.

Next. Falcons should consider Jason Garrett. dark

Hopefully this time next year, we are celebrating the Falcons being among the Top 250 fan bases and not looking at everyone else being celebrated.