Atlanta Falcons should target Josh McDaniels and Troy Aikman


The Atlanta Falcons are sure to make both a coaching change and general manager change at the end of the season. They should absolutely take a chance on a Josh McDaniels and Troy Aikman pairing.

Atlanta Falcons duo of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff will be job hunting in several weeks, both are probably updating their resume as time allows. Quinn will land on his feet somewhere, whether it be college or another NFL team and Dimitroff will more than likely have to take a year off before getting another opportunity in someone’s front office.

Over the last couple of days, the rumors surrounding Josh McDaniels and Troy Aikman have been that they both want a change of scenery. McDaniels is allegedly ready to get out of New England and Aikman is wanting to join guys like John Lynch to go from the field to the booth to the front office.

Josh McDaniel is going to be remembered for drafting Tim Tebow in the first round while the head coach of the Denver Broncos. While some will always hold that over his head but all coaches make mistakes in drafting.

There are some Atlanta Falcons fans that will bring up McDaniels taking the Colts job and then leaving almost immediately. Knowing what we know now, maybe McDaniels people had information that Andrew Luck was contemplating retirement even back then. It is certainly a possibility.

When you look at what McDaniels has been able to do in New England with Bill Belichick getting rid of all his high profile playmakers, imagine what he could accomplish here with another hall of fame quarterback and the best wide receiver room in the entire league.

McDaniels just makes sense in that regard, plus he cut his coaching teeth in Denver and would not make the same mistakes here in Atlanta.

Troy Aikman is the curious option at the general manager. Other than an NFL lifer, Super Bowl champion, and hall of famer, he has no front office experience. However, he is intriguing. We have seen others with no experience come in and be great – John Elway for example. Sure, the Broncos aren’t good now, but he led them to two Super Bowls as a general manager.

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While this would be an odd pairing, it is one that could work and is one that would get Atlanta excited about Falcons football again. Something this city and fan base desperately need.